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What Is The Best MTG Gaming Playmat? A Guide To Ultra Pro, Inkedplaymats & More! Magic The Gathering

Why do we use playmats and which ones are the best for Magic: The Gathering and other gaming TCGs? This video offers a detailed compare and contrast of the four major brands: Dragon Shield, Inkedplaymats.com, Khalsa Brain Games, and Ultra PRO.

A lot of players make the mistake of thinking that a playmat is a luxury accessory. They look cool, can have artwork that the player likes, and possibly help define your game space on the table. But these are merely perks to the real reason we use a playmat, which is: to keep our cards clean. This is the criteria you should be using above all else, not whether or not it has awesome art on it, but instead whether or not it achieves the overall goal of protecting your investment.

If you liked the inkedplaymat.com mat I featured, it was designed by “Mythic Mats” and his collection of artwork for playmats can be viewed and bought here: http://www.inkedplaymats.com/collecti…