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One of the most valuable skills you can develop in this life is the ability to learn from others, be it their mistakes or their successes. This is true for individuals, and it is true for companies and I believe it is true for Wizards of the Coast, specifically in regards to Magic Online.

There’s been a lot of talk about Magic Online improvements, overhauls and MTG Digital Next lately. With such seemingly focussed interest in improving their online offerings, I thought a lot about other TCG’s online, specifically, Pokemon Online.

Pokemon TCG has a lot in common with Magic The Gathering, but they have a far, far superior online experience for their players. In the spirit of learning from others, I’d like to offer 5 things they do well that Magic Online could and should copy.

Now, I will not be listing technical improvements such as fixing bugs or offering multi platform support, but rather, I want to tell you 5 actual features actual things that Pokemon TCG does that Magic Online would greatly benefit from.