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How old is the average Magic: The Gathering player? For the longest time, I would have guessed the age to be somewhere in the mid to late teens, probably because Magic the gathering products all say ages 13 and up.

But more recently, I feel the average age is probably higher, a lot higher, not just people in their 20s but probably late 20s. Magic seems to have transformed from a children’s card game that everyone can enjoy to a game largely played by adults. Post-college adults. Interestingly, I’d be willing to bet a not so insignificant portion of these adults who currently play Magic first came to the game, when they were kids.

Magic doesn’t do a very good job of advertising. Commercials don’t run on television, things like Magic Story and set trailers are really just produced for and consumed by established MTG players, and a very small fraction of them at that. Magic relies on word of mouth, impulse buys by grandma of planeswalker decks at Target and Wal-Mart, and, quite frankly, on former players returning to the game, from an era where televisions would show ads like this.

Over the last half decade, there’s been a lot of talk about developing a Magic the gathering movie. While many established magic players are dubious to the quality such a film might have to offer, make no mistake: to make something like a Magic The Gathering movie is all about making an elaborate and massive ad for the game, and we need ads because we need new players getting into Magic, lest that average player age become 35, 38, 45, 50…? No, we need kids playing this game again to keep it alive.

Getting kids ages 13 and up into Magic means one of the healthiest influxes of players for the long term sustainability of the game. Kids buy or have bought for them as presents, packs, supplemental products, they grow into solid patrons of their local game store, playing everything from casual games with friends to friday night magic.

Best of all, in the same way that I started playing at 15, and you, the viewer of this right now very likely started playing around that age, many of these kids will become players, and customers throughout their lives.