Tolarian Winds: “Pro Tour Ad Nausea” – A Magic: The Gathering Vlog

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Last weekend was Pro Tour Amonkhet, and in addition to helping demonstrate that Standard has finally risen from the dead, much like the zombie tribal decks which were just a part of the diversity of archetypes competing, it was a super successful weekend purely as a product: over 40,000 viewers at one point, making this one of the most successful pro tours in terms of viewership numbers. And That’s a great thing.

As I have said before, The Pro Tour is one of the most important parts of Magic The Gathering. Whether you are obsessed with watching competitive Magic played by the very best players around, or even if you don’t really care for watching it, the Pro Tour is still a critical part of Magic’s success and the key to its future.

As many have said, these needed “breaks” are a perfect opportunity to turn instead to content creators, or popular Magic streamers, or Magic artists or Magic art critics, vloggers, bloggers, the people of the Magic the gathering community that have proven, time and time again that they can engage and energize the magic the gathering player base.

It’s not just about pure entertainment. Content creators have the talent to engage viewers, to create a sense of community, to reach that audience in a way the corporate boardroom can’t.

And no, I am not talking about myself here, as I understand that my content is completely unacceptable for any official corporate coverage such as the pro tour, but there’s a plethora of awesome, talented people out there in Magic who have made careers out of getting people excited about magic the gathering.