Tolarian Winds: “Modern Madness!” – A Magic: The Gathering Vlog

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You’ve heard me raise the issue of needed reprints and the cost of Magic The Gathering, both specifically in Modern and just in general, before. I’d like to make what I feel are some key points on the issue as it stands today.

Masters sets have not helped enough. If they had, this would not be a problem. We’ve now had not one, not two, but three Modern Masters sets as well as an Eternal Masters set and whether or not you want to argue that prices would be much worse without them, you cannot argue that the cost to play Modern currently is reasonable.

I am not going to point to the still outrageous prices on cards such as Karn, reprinted in a Masters set, being 60 dollars each, Liliana of the Veil still being 75 dollars each, and on on through the prices of building a mana base to just the persisting cost of goblin guide. Actually, I want to point to the vcard Path To Exile, the lowest you can buy a playset of for is $30.

This was printed as an uncommon in Modern Masters 3. Overall, the card has seen 9 different printings in various supplemental and masters sets. It is only played in Modern, not legacy and certainly not vintage. If this card, is $30 for a playset after all that? I hold that up as the most compelling evidence that what Wizards has been doing in terms of reprinting cards is simply not enough. Maybe it would be more, but an uncommon reprinted 9 times and at the uncommon in a Masters set should not still be $30 for a playset.

Why do Masters sets cost $10 a pack at the suggest MSRP? 4.00 is the price of a booster pack. Why is print run always limited? Imagine if Print run was a normal print run, if every summer was a masters set with the print run of a block set set and the normal price of of booster pack!