Tolarian Tutor: Thoughtseize And Hand Disruption – Improve Your Magic: The Gathering Gameplay

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Thoughtseize. It’s the spell of choice that’s become eponymous with Hand Disruption. It’s been at the core of many popular formats for many years now – whether in Theros Standard or in Modern, where it sees the most play. Even when Thoughtseize isn’t legal in a format, the family of hand disruption spells that are legal see a lot of play.

Hand disruption is one of the most annoying forms of interaction to play against, and oftentimes, one of the hardest forms of interaction to master. Today, we’ll be digging in deep into what you need to know in order to maximise the payoff from using Hand Disruption spells. We’ll be looking primarily at the common play patterns and tips and tricks of using Thoughtseize.

We’re not newbies anymore, but we’re not yet ready to Rival the MPL. Tolarian Tutor is for people who already play Friday Night Magic and enjoy playing the ladder on Arena, but want to improve and get better. This is for intermediates, and this is Tolarian Tutor!