The Professor And Death Play Magic: The Gathering

Thank you for these past 8 years. The Magic: The Gathering community has done so much for me, and I will continue to work towards paying it back in kind. You are worth it.

What a long journey it has been!
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Christine Sprankle as “Death” @cspranklerun
Nadine “Nissa Cosplay” as “Huatli” @NissaCosplay
Jimmy Wong as “Jace” @Jimmy Wong
Teferi Magic as Teferi @TeferiMagic
Graham Stark as “Garruk” @Graham_LRR
TarmoKat as “Vraska” @TarmoKat
Ashlen Rose as “Nissa” @AshlenRose
Gavin Verhey as himself.
And introducing Tappy Toe Claws as “The Professor” @TappyToeClaws

Special effects by Door Monster @Door Monster