The Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Top 8 Needed Improvements

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I previously reviewed the Magic Arena Closed Beta, but here I’d like to analyze and discuss the key additions and changes that I feel are needed before Arena exits its beta stage entirely. Now, I’m not going to be listing things like, add old sets and the Modern format, because while I want THAt more than ANYTHING, it that is not a reasonable expectation to have when Arena leaves the open beta.

Please note: this video is not sponsored nor in any way supported by Magic Arena, Wizards of the Coast, nor the Hasbro Corporation. To do so would represent an extreme conflict of interests. Since I am completely unsponsored and unsupported whatsoever by Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro, I can say and do whatever I want. You may not agree with my evaluations, but know that they are my own and no one else.

Let’s begin.

The Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Top 8

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