Running The Board Game Gauntlet for Treehouse and Foster Youth

You can donate to support my team and help foster kids through Treehouse by clicking here:

Throughout my life, I have been almost constantly in awe of the Magic community and its passionate support for the game and its players. I myself have been the beneficiary of the Magic community’s generosity, and have always tried my best to pay that forward to others. That’s why I’d like to let you know about Treehouse, a nonprofit in Seattle that gives foster kids in Washington state the opportunities and support they need to succeed in life.

Treehouse provides educational resources, covers fees for extracurricular activities, and gives kids access to everyday necessities like shoes, school supplies and clothing. Their work helps give underprivileged foster children the chance to learn and grow, preparing them for college and beyond.

You can support Treehouse by helping me and my team as we compete in the Card Kingdom Gauntlet, going on this weekend on May 20th. Graham from LRR, Maria from MTA, Chris Van Meter from (??) and I are battling it out with other Magic Community folks to not only win this tournament, but also drum up the most financial support.

By donating to us, you’ll not only give my team much needed Power-Ups, which are perks that can help us to victory, but also give Treehouse the resources they need to keep doing great work. You can go to [insert link here] or [other alternative place] to donate any amount you would like or feel you can afford. There are great prizes and giveaways if you donate at a certain tier, but anything you might be able to spare will be greatly appreciated. Together, we can help a new generation fulfill their potential and have a great start in life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your help continuing to keep the Magic community the amazing, compassionate place it is.

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