Prove Your Worth To The Dimir: Etrata, The Silencer Commander Deck for Magic The Gathering

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Very special thanks to Olivia Gobert-Hicks of the Commander Rules Advisory Group for her talent and, of course, her Teysa deck! Check out more from her @GobertHicks!


If a player ever owns three cards in exile with hit counters they LOSE THE GAME. Very powerful, but she has a downside. She also must shuffle back into the deck after she hits, and while we can always return her to the command zone, that will increase her commander tax. We’ll need to use blink and bounce effects to keep her out of the command zone and in the fight.

The crux of this engine is going to be recur-able bounce and blink effects.

Artifacts like Crystal Shard, Erratic Portal and Portal of Sanctuary can bounce Etrata after her trigger so our opponents creatures still get the hit counter and Etrata returns to our hand safely. creatures like Vedalken Mastermind and Deadeye Navigator also let us keep Etrata from leaping back to the library or command zone.