MTG – The Complete Casual, A Guide To Better and More Enjoyable Casual Magic: The Gathering Play

Part 1: Balance and Sealed Magic: The Gathering Products

Despite the enormous amount of casual play that takes place, many casual Magic players experience frustration and difficulty while just trying to get in a fun game of Magic with their friends.

When getting casual games with your friends, it is important that your decks are on the same level. So if you are playing with an old Zendikar Standard deck, make sure your friend is too. If you are playing with an Intro Pack, make sure your friend is as well, etc.
This balance will improve the play experience dramatically.

Imagine that Wizards of the Coast came out with a new product designed just for the best casual play experience. I’m going to call the hypothetical product, The Complete Casual.
It’s called the Complete Casual, because it has everything you would ever need or want for casual play.
These Complete Casual decks would each be completely different from one another, so much so that you and each of your friends could all buy one, and no two of your decks would be alike. Fully customizable as well, pick you colors and deck style, etc.
But, amazingly, due to the genius of Wizards of the Coast, these decks would be balanced against each other, so that you could play against anyone else who had purchased this product, be it a friend or just someone at your local game shop.
Finally, let’s say The Complete Casual only cost about $24.00. That’s all you’d have to spend to get all of what I just described. Sound too good to be true? Well, believe or not, it’s realer than you think, and I’m going to talk to you about it more in just a moment, but first, I’m feeling a little too formal, and this is a casual discussion. Let’s get casual!

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