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The Modern format is spreading like an infection from game store to game store, so why not help spread the sickness with a little Modern INFECT!

Modern INFECT! is a fun deck that can be put together for around $50. It had many variants, from mono green to mono blue to Black Blue Green.

While not currently considered a tier 1 deck, it nonetheless has the ability to win FAST, very fast, and it can be quite the surprise for an unsuspecting opponent.

Best of all, Modern Infect is FUN, a great example of how the Modern format can keep popular deck types playable for those who want them. Again, you probably are not going to win a GP with Infect, but if your goal is to break into the format for just a little cash, or you simply loved Infect when it was in standard and want to play the deck for fun in Modern, then this might be the deck for you.

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