MTG – Love control? Bring yourself online in Modern, with MONO Blue Urza TRON – Magic: The Gathering

MONO BLUE TRON template deck list:


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Mono blue Tron is surprisingly cheap for such a competitive deck. While still not quite tier 1, it is still extremely powerful, and it can also serve as a great intro point into the format for those that love to play control.

In fact, for the fanatic blue player, this deck offer precise, almost clockwork control. It can also serve as way to start building towards the more powerful, but much, much more expensive Red Green Tron.

Running at about $150, many of these components can be had on the cheap, and a few of the more costlier pieces might already be in your binder.

The heart of this deck are the Urza lands, bring one of each into play and you have 7 colorless mana from three lands. With mana money like that, you can buy your way to victory.

The win conditions of this deck have a beautiful toolkit like nature.

Unlike its bigger brother, Red Green Tron, Mono blue keeps several win conditions handy for different situations. Treasure Mages select the tool you need to win the game you are playing, and Academy Ruins will bring them back as much as you need them.

This is not a deck for those who don’t love playing control. Emphasis on the word love. You need to be a control fanatic to appreciate and enjoy the precise construction of this deck. As such, this deck is not for everyone. Even with its relatively low cost, I always recommend players interested in tron proxy a deck first, and practice a lot to see how they like it. Depending on your play style, you’ll find it to be either a thing of clockwork beauty, or, or a rusty machine whose gears keep grinding.