MTG – Is it worth it to buy Modern Masters 2017 for Magic: The Gathering?

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Many Magic the Gathering players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a Modern Masters 2017 booster box?

Modern Masters is a special set of Magic The Gathering. Composed entirely of reprints, the cards contained within will not enter into Standard, but instead are intended to offer players access to critically needed and extremely expensive cards for the Modern format, as well as some that may see play in formats such as Legacy, Pauper and COmmander.

But such supposed value comes at a cost, a higher than average MSRP for boosters and boxes, and a smaller print run which could means the price may even exceed the already costly MSRP. So with all this in mind, is Modern Masters worth it to buy?

Let’s start with the first, and I think most important detail to note about Modern Masters 2017: If you want cards for Modern, the overwhelmingly best way to get those cards is to buy the singles you need.

The MSRP for a Booster Box of Modern Masters 2017 is $240.00. There are a lot of great cards within it that I will get to in a moment, but if you want any of those cards you do best by simply buying them as singles.

There is only an average of 3 mythics per Modern Masters booster box. Yes, some may have 4 or even 6 but some may also, sadly only have 2. With snapcaster at mythic, you are, at most, getting one in the box and considering snappy is one of 15 mythics, you are not even assured of doing that.

As of the filming of this video, with prices already plummeting on the cards of Modern Masters 2017, the cost of a playset of snapcasters is $35.00 $140.00, which would leave you with $100 to buy additional cards, go grab a playset of Scavenging Ooze for $8.00 and a playset of Thoughtseize for $48.00 and you’ve still got over $40 left for more needed singles to get your modern deck started or to upgrade what you already own and play.

Modern Masters 2017 is extremely worth it to purchase for the purposes of draft at or, preferably, BELOW MSRP.

Within the cards drafted there is something for both new and established Modern players. From staples for your Modern deck, or cards that can be traded for your modern deck. There’s a lot of previously high priced cards here, rares of high value and uncommons that are integral parts of Modern decks and sideboards.

It you are determined to buy boosters and crack pack for value, then you are likely going to lose, unless this is done purely for the purposes of fun, in which case, enjoy yourself.

Regardless of how you wish to enjoy Modern Masters 2017, it is not worth it to spend above MSRP. As of the filming of this video, many seller have these for less than MSRP, and for each dollar below MSRP you can obtain packs or a booster box for, it becomes that much more worth it.