MTG – Is it worth it to buy Eternal Masters for Magic: The Gathering?

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Many Magic: The Gathering Players ask the question…is it worth it to buy eternal masters?

Eternal Masters is the newest in the now recurring line of special summer sets: Magic sets printed outside of the standard block structure, and typically with the intent or allure of powerful reprints.

Eternal Masters follows in the footstep of Modern Masters, in that it contains needed staples for Legacy and other Eternal formats in the hopes of providing players with access to these highly in demand cards.

But as is also now the case with these sets, it has a higher than usual msrp, a price made all the higher by not just a limited print run, but an exceptionally limited print run. So given the high cost and lack of supply, is this set worth it?

Let’s start with the first, and I think most critical issue with Eternal Masters: you should NOT expect to recoup the cost of the box in the financial value of the cards you open. This is, of course, true for any booster box of any set, but Eternal Masters carries with it an added allure of containing more financial value in cards than was spent on the booster box. This is false.

For every dollar you spent on this product, be they single packs or a complete booster box, expect to receive LESS THAN that dollar in return financial value.

Yes, there is a chance that you will get more back than you spent. I am sure the comments will be flooded with posts of someone who randomly opened a pack and got a foil Jace, so how do I like “dem” apples? But you must understand this is a gamble.

Buying a pack of Magic cards is like buying a lottery ticket in terms of financial expense and receipt. A few win big, but most lose their cash. Buying packs for financial gain is the ultimate in gambling, and in the end, the house always wins.

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