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MTG – Is It Worth It To Buy A Fat Pack? A Detailed Analysis – Magic: The Gathering

Quite frankly, for every 2.5 Fat Pack boxes you buy, you could have bought a booster box instead. Even if you have found online deals where a Fat Pack was a little less than $40, it’s hard to justify a fat pack in any situation other than buying individual packs at $4.00 each.

Buying a booster box is a better deal than buying individual packs, and people can get boxes for approximately $100, meaning packs can cost about 2.75-3.00, depending on how good a deal you got on your box. So 9 packs at $2.75 each is 24.75. That means you just paid 15.25 for that Fat Pack box and spindown die. Even if you needed the box and die, this isn’t a good deal.