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In the end, it is up to you the player to decide whether they want to buy a pre-constructed Commander deck or build one of their own.

The Commander Pre-constructed Decks are financially worth the money spent on them, but that money might be more appropriately spent buying singles to construct a deck from scratch.
If you are 100% new to the format and want a quick, effective deck to play against your friends, then spending $30 on a pre-constructed deck is an easy way to just get started.

Also, if you are an established Commander player who liked to make multiple decks, buying a Commander Pre-constructed deck can net you at least $30 worth of staples and unique Commander cards to add to your own toolkit.

But if you want to have the Commander experience from the ground up, building a deck of your own by making your own choices and having that deck reflect you as a player as well as a deck builder, then you might just buy the singles you need to construct your own Commander masterpiece.

Before you decide, see what I have to say about selecting a General, and consider my guide to constructing your first Commander deck after choosing that General.

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