MTG – Is it worth it to buy a Commander 2016 deck for Magic: The Gathering?

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Many Magic The Gathering Players ask the question: Is it worth it to buy a COmmander 2016 preconstructed deck? For a long time now, I have felt this is the wrong question to be asking, and I’ll tell you why that is in just a moment, but first, let’s answer it once and for all.

This video will be analyzing the preconstructed 4 color commander decks of 2016, however, like my previous commander precon analysis videos, I feel the consistency is such in this product that you can apply these insights to the overall commander line of products.

The MSRP on these Commanders decks is 34.99, which as many people such as myself have pointed out over the years, is an absolute steal. As you can see, if you were to purchase the individual cards in these decks in order to build them on your own, the cost would be 3x, sometimes even 4x or more of this.

This is because of many reasons, least of all that commanders decks contain 100 cards, and even at a value of 50 cents to a dollar per card, that easily surpasses 34.95.

But the value of these cards is often well over a dollar. While the majority is of course dollar or less bulk, each deck contain a handful of individual cards, ranging from reprints to original commander cards, that hold a modest enough value to help raise the value of these exponentially above cost.

While some sets are worth more than others, looking at the average cost of the cards contained within, we see that, as of the filming of this video, Stalwart Unity is worth approximately 106.23, Invent Superiority is worth approximately 101.22, Breed Lethality at 99.01, Entropic Uprising at 84.85, and Open Hostility, the least valuable of the five commander sets this year, valued at 73.67, still well over double its own cost.

Now the vast majority of the cards are indeed what we call bulk, meaning valued at or below $1.00 and highly, highly unlikely to be successfully sold or traded by you for that value. So you are not going to have success buy these for MSRP, cracking them open and say, selling the singles to a place like Card Kingdom for more than you paid.

Remember, 40 bulk rares valued at about 40 dollars each might technically add up to 40 dollars, but you will likely never, ever be able to exchange those 40 cards for 40 dollars.

Nonetheless, while this is not necessarily great for black hearted financiers like my very good friend Rudy at Alpha Investments, go subscribe to his channel today, it is excellent, excellent for the average player just wanting to buy into commander for the purposes of….wait for it…sitting down to play.