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While fun is often reward in itself, it is still fair for players to wonder if they are effectively spending their time and money attending prerelease and launch events. This video will examine the overall value of prereleases in general, and is not meant as a comment on any specific set.

Long time viewers know that this channel has taken the position that it is more advantageous to buy singles for deck building rather than cracking packs or breaking boxes. I said in my videos on booster boxes, and fat packs, ask yourself the question: Why are you buying the box? What are you trying to get from it? Cards to build a deck for Standard or Modern or Commander? If so, your $100-110 would be better spent on singles. Looking for an investment by cracking packs and selling what you get? It’s a gamble, and likely you won’t break even.

So can a prerelease event be any different? Yes, actually, it can.
There’s a lot of added value to attending prerelease, the first and foremost being that you get to actually play with your cards.
Crack open a booster on your own, and unless it contains something that you need for your deck, it’s going to go right into storage. Not only did you not get anything to build a deck from, but you didn’t get to actually play the game.

At prerelease and launch you are cracking packs, but even if those packs don’t contain the parts you need for a standard, modern or commander deck, you still are going to spend the day playing with them. You’re not only getting fun and enjoyment, but you’re also practicing and probably improving your ability to play the game.
You’re probably also walking away with a much better awareness and understanding of the cards, another advantage.

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