MTG – How To Netdeck: Using The Internet To Build And Improve Your Magic: The Gathering Deck

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Netdecking is the act of copying a deck from the internet (often a tournament winning deck) and playing it unmodified or only with slight changes.

For many players, creating and building a deck from scratch is an important part of the game. And indeed, successful ‘homebrewing’ is often a process requiring intense skill and an advanced understanding of the cards available.

That being said, netdecking need not be as simplistic as blindly copying a winning deck and then playing that deck. In fact, players who do just that without true research, testing, and understanding, may find that their results are largely unsuccessful…and expensive.

So how do we as players use the vast information of the internet to help us build and play this game? This video will explore the process of netdecking on an introductory level. That means it is intended for an audience that has little to no experience with the process.

Please note: As this is an introductory video, I am not showing all the sources for information available on the internet, nor am I necessarily showing you the best. What I am showing you here today is meant as a STARTING point.

There’s a lot more out there than this. A lot.

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