MTG – How To Build Any 1 Color EDH / Commander Mana Base For Magic: The Gathering

Tolarian Community College now offers videos in builds every type of EDH / Commander mana base for Magic: The Gathering decks!
How To Build a 2 Color Mana Base:
How To Build a 3 Color Mana Base:
How To Build a 4 Color Mana Base:
How To Build a 5 Color Mana Base:

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Special thanks to this video’s professional consultant, Bennie Smith!
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Building a Commander deck is a complex and ever-evolving process, and making sure your mana works correctly can be daunting. I’ve produced other video guides to help with building multicolor mana bases, but if you’re interested in building a Commander deck that’s only a single color, this video will help get you started by giving you a rock-solid mana base.

If you have not already seen my videos explaining what the commander format is, how to construct your first commander deck, or how to choose your commander, you may do so here, here, and here. Please note this video is meant both as a guide for players who do not know where to begin building their mana base or for players having difficulty with their existing mana base. It is not meant as the final and only word on the subject. Quite the opposite— commander is a format with a multitude of options. This video is simply meant to help those who need it, not to dictate hard or absolute rules.