MTG Deck Boxes 2: Legion, Dragon Shield, Fantasy Flight & Monster Which is the best? Magic Gathering

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When it comes to deck boxes for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, My Little Pony CCG, and other trading card games, there’s a vast array of choices, so much so that my first deck box video looked only at the deck boxes offered by Ultra Pro.

This video will compare and contrast the deck boxes available from other companies, specifically Legion, Dragon Shield, Monster, Max Protection, and Fantasy Flight.

With such a wide variety, some are better than others, while a few should be avoided entirely. Let’s take a look! As always, selecting trading card accessories is always going to be a matter of personal need and taste. What works for some, might not work for others. I hope that this video has been of some help to you.

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Correction: The Fantasy Flight Tower cannot hold a double sleeved Commander deck, but it can hold a single sleeved one. Apologies for not stating this clearly in the video.
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