MTG – A Critical Review of Magic: The Gathering Arena – BETA

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Magic Arena is the latest and perhaps greatest digital offering from Wizards of the Coast, bringing Magic The Gathering gameplay to the digital scene like never before. Now in open beta, Wizards is urging not only beta testers for finding bugs and stress testing, but also seems very open to communication about player wants and expectations.

This video is my review and critique of the current beta program, examining what we have been given so far, and what direction the program appears to be headed in. It will be a critical review, exploring both positives and negatives about the Magic Arena Beta.

This video is not sponsored nor in any way supported by Magic Arena or Wizards of the Coast, nor will it ever be. To do so would create an extreme conflict of interest. Thus, while you may disagree with my commentary on the game, know that my praise and my criticisms are my own, and in no way influenced by free coins, cards, etc.

That being said, I feel there are three major categories to examine and critique: the software, meaning the the client itself and the user-interface experience.

The game, what Magic Arena offers in regards to Magic The Gathering gameplay

And the economy, what it costs to play, examining its Free 2 Play model and prize/reward structure.

Please note: This review is of the open beta. Once the full version is released, I will post an updated review and link it at the top of this video’s description, so be sure to check for that if viewing in the future.