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Let’s Play the Shadows Over Innistrad Booster Box Game for Magic The Gathering (Post Pro Tour)

How does this game work? I’m about to open a booster box a few weeks after the start of the Shadows over innistrad pro tour, and try and get $100 in rares and mythics…which is what I paid for the box. If I can do so, I will sell those rares and mythics and use that money to buy another booster box.

I will keep doing this until I open a box not worth $100.  It’s the booster box game, will I open only 1 box? 4? Or 40? Let’s find out!

I now sell the rares and mythics entirely on TCGPlayer.com, so I will display all prices at TCGPlayer MID level. Due to shipping and other fees, I can only count cards at or above $2.00 towards the total.