Is it worth it to buy an Elite Trainer Box? A Pokemon TCG Review and Opening

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Many Pokemon Trainers ask the question, is it worth it to buy an Elite Trainer Box?

This video will examine and evaluate the possible answers to that question, but remember that this video’s conclusion is just that: this video’s. The real conclusion that matters most is your own, given your needs as a Pokemon Trainer. Hopefully this evaluation can help you in making that determination, but that is all it is: a guide, meant to assist.

An Elite Trainer box contains the following. One storage box, capable of holding 550 unsleeved cards or 300 sleeved cards. A Player’s Guide. Eight booster packs from the appropriate set, in this case, steam siege, 65 exclusive sleeves, 4 cardboard dividers, a 45 card Energy pack, 6 damage-counter dice and 1 competition-legal coin-flip die, and 2 acrylic counters for poison and damage, and an online code to receive the exclusive sleeves and a deck box on Pokemon Online. This is in addition, of course, to the online codes contains within each of the booster packs.

The MSRP on Elite Trainer boxes is $39.99 US. However, depending on the set and perhaps your local game store, they can often be acquired for below MSRP, and in rare cases above.

The total value of all these items is approximately

8 Booster Packs, over the counter at your local game store, will cost you $32.00, so that means that the remaining contents need to be worth over 8 dollars to be considered worth it from a strictly financial perspective.

While prices vary, going by overwhelming availability online, the remaining contents is worth approximately $16.65, bringing the total value of an Elite Trainer box to 48.65, while not stupendously above MSRP, well enough above it that it is fair to say the box is worth it.

However, consider this, many times stores and online sellers can offer Elite Trainer boxes for below MSRP, and thus for each dollar below 39.99 that you can get an elite trainer box for, it becomes that much more worth it.