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Is it worth it to buy a Booster Battle Pack for Magic: The Gathering?

Many Magic The Gathering Players ask the question, is it worth it to buy a Booster Battle Pack?

Actually, many players might well be asking, what is a booster battle pack, as these are possibly one of the least known about and least promoted products that wizards of the coast sells.

Booster Battle Packs are meant as a one product purchase to let you and a friend sit down and have a magic battle right out of the box. But is this a product worth its MSRP, or an oddity created for big box stores and promptly swept under the rug? Let’s take a look!

A booster battle pack contain the following: 2 Booster Packs of the current set, in this case Shadows over innistrad. And Two single color, 30 card “Welcome Decks” And that’s all.

Price: $10.00 (US) So what is this? Let’s take a look!