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The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic The Gathering Cards
Tolarian Tutor: Building Better Limited Mana Bases in Draft and Sealed:

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Magic: The Gathering is the greatest game in the world, but it is also one of the most difficult and complex. Just because you know how to play, doesn’t mean you know how to play it well. Just because you know what goes in a deck doesn’t mean there isn’t more to learn. That’s why this deck will explore not how to build a Magic: The Gathering deck, but how to build a better one.

One of the best, most creative parts of Magic is building your own deck, combining cards and ideas to express yourself and your passions on the battlefield. However, coming up with the perfect combination of 60 or sometimes 100 cards can be a daunting, frustrating and intimidating task.

This video will cover how to optimize your strategy, tinker with your curve, and how to create consistency so that your deck performs as well as it can! Why run 4 copies of some cards and only 2 or even 1 copy of another card? We’ll cover all that as well as playtesting and sideboarding as needed.