Get Devoted To Playing Pioneer With Mono White Devotion | A Magic: The Gathering Deck Tech

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4x Thraben inspector
4x walking ballista
2x Tomik, distinguished Advokist
2x Daxos, blessed by the sun
2x Anafenza kin-tree spirit
3x knight of the white orchid
4x heliod, sun-crowned
4x arcanist owl
1x Gideon ally of zendikar
2x Gideon of the trials
2x baffling end
2x stasis snare
2x leyline of sanctity
1x Elspeth conquers death
2x castle ardenvale
2x idyllic grange
3x nykthos, shrine of nyx
18x plains

2x Gideon of the trials
2x Gideon’s intervention
3x rest in peace
2x devout decree
1x glare of heresy
1x Elspeth conquers death
2x seal away
2x settle the wreckage