Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About cEDH But Were Too Afraid To Ask – Untitled MTG Podcast #4

Competitive Commander or cEDH is one of the fastest growing Magic: The Gathering communities. In today’s episode, I have invited Ryan Street of Playing With Power, the #1 Competitive Commander gameplay YouTube channel, to come sit and tell me everything I ever wanted to know about cEDH but was too afraid to ask. Previous Episodes […]

Keeping Commander Casual | Untitled Magic: The Gathering Podcast #3

Previous Episodes In This Series: How To Evaluate Your Commander Deck’s Power Level | Untitled Magic: The Gathering Podcast #1 https://youtu.be/tcQFpmybJCg The Most Common Mistakes Commander Players Make | Untitled Magic: The Gathering Podcast #2 https://youtu.be/emAWss8eC3c Want more from Shivam? Check out ‘Casual Magic’ podcast here: http://casualmagic.libsyn.com/ or available anywhere you can get a podcast. […]