MTG – Magic Defined – Sealed: What is the sealed deck format in Magic: The Gathering

Advice For Returning Players: Limited Edition Force of Will Print Unboxing: Is It Worth It To Buy Intro Packs: Alliances vs. Onslaught: What is sealed? Sealed is the limited format primarily played at prerelease and launch events. All players are given 6 booster packs to construct a 40 card deck from. […]

MTG – Introduction to Sealed Deck Construction 101 – For Magic: The Gathering Prerelease and Launch

Looking for an updated version of this video? Look no further than here: The Best Deck Boxes & Vaults: The Best Gaming Cases: A Guide To Playmats: What Are The Best Binders: The Best Card Sleeves: Building a sealed deck can be an exciting process, but it can also […]