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Eternal Masters Top 5 New Cards For Pauper, the best budget format for Magic: The Gathering

Eternal Masters. The set to bring us cards for Legacy, it’s hard to find a single person complaining about anything other than the inevitable lack of available and over inflated prices of packs. Besides that, it’s great!


But there’s another eternal format out there that stands to benefit greatly from eternal masters, not just in the reduction of overpriced cards, but also in the amazing addition of a host of new cards to the format. That’s right, I am talking of course of Pauper, in fact, I’m not the only one saying that they might as well called this set Pauper Masters!
Eternal Masters is truly amazing for Pauper. The reprints of overpriced Pauper singles alone is enough to have us singing the praises of wizards of the coast.  Except of course for the omission of oubliette,  curse you wizards! $25 common!?!? Curse you!